• Facilitating corporate trade transactions that greatly expand liquidity and bottom line profitability.

  • Structured finance, alternative capital and bilateral purchasing solutions that conserve cash and enhance sales.

  • Alternative capital bridges the gap between asking and selling price and reduces funding, capitalization and insurance requirements.

  • Structured finance empowers companies to resolve financial, operational and strategic issues without incurring financial liability.

  • Providing liquidity for challenged assets and excess capacity to transform it into new sources of revenue that is utilized towards purchasing.

  • Creative remarketing solutions that capture full price for surplus inventory, excess capacity or underperforming assets to expand your customer base into new markets.

Corporate Trade

  • New profit opportunities
  • Increases sales
  • Reduces cash requirements

Trade Finance

  • New capital infusion
  • Eliminates borrowing
  • Interest free funding

Trade Credit Conversion

  • Convert credit to an asset
  • Mitigate write downs
  • Reduce purchasing expense

Information Technology

  • Custom application development
  • Cloud migration & support
  • Mobile and community apps

Marketing & Media

  • Innovative advertising
  • Minimal cash investment
  • Payment in products or services

Card Programs

  • Reward, loyalty & reviews
  • Non-cash transactions
  • Discount and rebates



Custom Applications

World-class business application development and processing technologies that leave other software in the dust. From specification to completion, companies can utilize trade credit to reduce the cost of business applications and mobile apps.

Card Programs

Maximize your exchange, business network, association, mobile application, or reward program with card based processing and patent pending redemption technologies that enhance and simplify point of sale commerce and transaction velocity.

Review & Loyalty

Get instant feedback, stop negative reviews, and publish positive ratings and reviews on social media and review sites acrosss the web. Quick and easy polling provides valuable frictionless data collection. Gain loyalty by rewarding customers.

  • Cloud Computing

    Setup and maintaining custom cloud deployments and migrating applications to the cloud.

  • Content Management

    Open source managed content for informational, brand recognition and micro sites.

  • Bootstrap

    Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for fast tracking web development.

  • Mobile Apps

    Innovative mobile apps to do business anywhere or enhance brand recognition.

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